What’s Nebulas

The Future of Collaboration

Nebulas is an open-source, public blockchain focused on creating a true Autonomous Metanet. Nebulas’ focus utilizing on-chain data for users interactions and collaboration. Our core principal is Let everyone get values from decentralized collaboration fairly through technical ways such as blockchain.

Nebulas uses its innovative technology to realize its vision of creating a collaboration model with the help of unique innovative technologies to manage on-chain public assets and to realize the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) which will provide positive incentives and self-evolution.

There are four technical features:

  • Quantifiable: measure the value of Blockchain data
  • Self-evolving: low-cost instant upgrade capability
  • Incentive: positive ecosystem incentives
  • On-chain Governance: improved decentraalized autonomous organization (DAO)

Autonomous Metanet

We focus on on-chain data and interactions. Raw Data is such as users and smart contracts. Metadata is information that provides information about other data such as balance and address. Hypermapping refers to the raw data, then abstracts a layer of metadata to beetter describe itself. And Hyper-mapped Structural Metadata can handle increasingly complex on-chain data and describe these interactions. visit the Nebulas Technology Page on the official website to learn more about metadata.

For example, Nebulas Rank (NR) is a hyper-mapped structural metadata. It can measure the value of Blockchain data. Read the Yellow Paper - Nebulas Rank to learn more about the Nebulas Rank. Or visit NR page to learn more:

And a network includes hyper-mapped structural metada is the metanet.

New Consensus Incentives

Nebulas Incentives are the cornerstone of autonomy, which provide lasting positive incentives. Motivate developers through the Developer Incentive Protocol (DIP), motivate communities through Proof of Devotion (PoD) algorithm. Read the Mauve Paper - DIP to learn more about DIP. And visit the node strategy page to learn more about Nebulas PoD Node Decentralization Strategy - Based on the Proof of Devotion (PoD) Mechanism.

New Upgrade Capabilities

Upgrade without hard forks, self-evolution is the future of autonomy. Nebulas Force (NF) provides the ability to upgrade without hard forks.

A series of basic protocols such as the NR, the PoD, and the DIP shall become a part of the blockchain data. With the growth of data on Nebulas, these basic protocols will be upgraded, which will avoid fractures between developers and community, as well as a “fork”. We call this fundamental capability of our blockchain “Nebulas Force” (NF).

As the Nebulas community grows, NF and basic protocols’ update ability shall be open to the community. According to users’ NR weight and the community voting mechanism, Nebulas’ evolution direction and its update objectives will be determined by the community. With the help of NF’s core technology and its openness, Nebulas will have an ever-growing evolutive potential and infinite evolving possibilities.

Learning Resources

Nebulas Vision: Let everyone get values from decentralized collaboration fairly. View the Nebulas Manifesto, which was written on the first block.

If you want to know more about Nebulas, please subscribe to the official blog, or visit our website: nebulas.io to follow basic news. Here are some useful categories:


Interviews with Nebulas Team:

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Since June 2017, the Nebulas meetups and hackathons (more than 60 meetups) have been held in 20 cities, 9 countries around the world. We have visited the University of California, Berkeley, the New York University, Columbia University, Harvard University, the Singapore University of Social Sciences, Tsinghua University, Tongji University, and many others. View the events history . You are welcome to organize local meetups and participate in the history of Nebulas.

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