Development on the Chain


Bleeding edge code can be cloned from the branch of their git repositories:


Nebulas mainnet Eeagle Nebulas launched on Mar 30, 2018. It’s a basic public chain. There are two features:

  • Supports javascript development
  • Over 2000 TPS.

Nebulas NOVA launched in the end of 2018. There are three features:

  • Nebulas Rank: measure the value of on-chain data
  • Nebulas Blockchain Runtime Environment: instant upgrade the core protocols immediately
  • Developer Incentive Protocol: provide native on-chain incentive for developers

Click here to learn about Nebulas NOVA . Some articles:

The third important version will be launch in 2020 with PoD consensus mechanism. Click here to learn about the PoD Node Strategy .

Click here to learn how to join the mainnet.


A functional equivalent Nebulas Testnet is available now, allowing developers to interact with Nebulas freely. View: How to join the testnet.