Nebulas Community Governance

Orange Paper

The Nebulas Orange Paper released on April 30 of 2019 highlights how Nebulas can use its unique and innovative technology to manage public assets on the chain in order to achieve its vision: “To explore a new decentralized collaboration model, implement a decentralized autonomous organization that provides positive incentives and can self-evolve (Decentralized Autonomous Organization, DAO).”

The tenets upon which Nebulas’ governance is based are as follows:

  1. Organizational structure and supervision mechanism: Nebulas Community Groups will operate independently but are mutually constrained by one another: Nebulas Council, Nebulas Foundation, Nebulas Technical Committee — articulating its basic composition, powers and obligations;
  2. On-chain Collaboration: Nebulas community project introduction, “NAT On-chain voting” will achieve community collaboration and system upgrade process;
  3. Economies and Incentives: The design of the on-chain voting economy and how the economy provides positive incentives to each community member during Nebulas governance.

Learn more about Nebulas’ Governance by reading our Orange Paper here.