How to Join the Nebulas Mainnet


The Nebulas Mainnet 2.0 (Nebulas Nova) has been released. This tutorial will teach you how to join and work with the Nebulas Mainnet.


The Nebulas Mainnet‘s executable file and dependant libraries need to be built first. Several important modules are highlighted below:

  • NBRE: The Nebulas Blockchain Runtime Environment is the platform for running Nebulas Protocol Representation, such as the DIP, the NR, etcetera.
  • NEB: The main process of the Nebulas Mainnet. NEB and NBRE run in standalone processes, and communicate through IPC.

Details of building the modules can be found in tutorials.


The Mainnet configuration files are in folder mainnet/conf, including


All configurable information about genesis block is defined in genesis.conf, including

  • meta.chain_id: chain identity
  • consensus.dpos.dynasty: the initial dynasty of validators
  • token_distribution: the initial allocation of tokens
Attention: DO NOT change the genesis.conf.


All configurable information about runtime is defined in config.conf.

Please check the template.conf to find more details about the runtime configuration.

Tips: the official seed node info is as follows,

API List

Main Endpoint:

API URL Protocol

More Nebulas APIs at RPC.


Feel free to join the Nebulas Mainnet. If you have found something wrong, please submit an issue or submit a pull request to let us know, and we will add your name and URL to this page as soon as possible.