How to Join Nebulas Mainnet


We are glad to release Nebulas Mainnet here. Please join and enjoy Nebulas Mainnet.


The Mainnet configuration files are in folder mainnet/conf, including


All configurable information about genesis block is defined in genesis.conf, including

  • meta.chain_id: chain identity
  • consensus.dpos.dynasty: the initial dynasty of validators
  • token_distribution: the initial allocation of tokens
Attention: DO NOT change the genesis.conf.


All configurable information about runtime is defined in config.conf.

Please check the template.conf to find more details about the runtime configuration.

Tips: the official seed node info is as below,

API List

Main Endpoint:

| API | URL | Protocol | | — | :—: | :—: | | RESTful | | HTTP |

More Nebulas APIs at RPC.


Feel free to join the Nebulas Mainnet. If you have found something wrong, please submit an issue or submit a pull request to let us know, and we will add your name and url to this page as soon as possible.